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DD+ Outfit: Subtly Sheer On Top

For months now, I've seen sheer tops, blouses, and dresses everywhere and the accompanying guidelines about how to pull them off. When I ordered this blouse, I didn't know how transparent it was, but I'm glad I got in on all the sheer loveliness. I also bought a nude warm-wear tank top to pair it with, until the temperature improves. I apologize for the wrinkles! Mr. Underpinnings and I had a technological malfunction that required us to go inside, lounge around, and come back out to take the rest of these photos. In the process, my skirt turned into a used grey napkin.

I don't think there are any "rules" about full busts and sheer items, per se. I've read magazine tips that suggest finding a blouse that has a sheer element, but isn't truly see-through. I suppose that's wise, but I think it's a situational and personal question too. Would I wear a totally sheer top without a camisole and a peekaboo bra effect? Probably, but I'd have to be in the right mood (bold!) and I wouldn't wear it in late February when it's still pretty chilly. Those two factors don't have much to do with the size of my chest.

Ok, thoughts on sheer blouses. If you're DD+, do you avoid this trend completely? Would you wear a sheer top to...the Oscars? Miami? A night club?  (I'm so dorky. Do people call them night clubs still? Or, is it just "club"? Let's call them discotheques, like I learned in 7th grade French class.)

I thought the fabric wasn't quite visible with all the beautiful mid-afternoon sunlight, so here's one more close-up:


  1. I recently bought the most lovely, sheer, floaty top which I've been obsessed with lately! I say that the best rule is to avoid semi-sheer, stiff, or non-drapey fabrics. The allure of sheer is seeing a silhouette beneath the boxy, floaty shape. When the fabric doesn't drape well or only shows dark elements through, I think it adds pounds rather than femininity. To me, the perfect sheer top allows people to see the curve of my waist through and doesn't have many seams. Though, I love how you've emphasized your waist by tucking yours in to a skirt!

  2. I agree. The thickness of the fabric and the way it drapes are both so important when dealing with sheer items. I've been in stores before and seen things I thought would work, only to find in the dressing room that they draped awkwardly or didn't hit me quite right. I love what you wrote about the curve of the waist. You're so right. The appeal is all about the hint/suggestion of human form underneath. Thank you for the compliment too!

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