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DD+ Outfit: Can You Dig It?

I just came back from the Curve NY trade show and my mind is full of the latest lingerie collections. The bras I saw were drop-dead gorgeous, but I definitely needed to decompress a little today. The weather was so sunny and unseasonably bright that it felt fantastic to be outside and focus my head on simpler matters, like enjoying the spring-like temperatures.

Without further introduction, here's the first Miss Underpinnings outfit post! Although the seventies aren't traditionally considered a decade that offered large busts a ton of style options, I'm into the wider-leg, higher-waist denim trend. When my mom gave me this sweater for my birthday, I knew I had to pull together a throwback outfit.

Outfit: Jeans: Madewell Widelegger/Cardigan: Garnet Hill/Clogs: American Eagle/Earrings: ?/Motorcycle Jacket: H&M (2009)

If you're full busted, what's your stance on patterned cardigans? How do you feel about the return of wide-leg or high-waist denim? What about when those trends are combined? If you're considering purchasing a pair of these jeans and you're DD+, I highly recommend reading this post on StackDD about finding the right cut. I bought these jeans before reading her tips, but I agree that this trend is the most flattering with a slightly low-ish waist.

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