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Lingerie Solution: A Delicates Bag, for the Lazy Ladies

I am a supremely lazy person when it comes to cleaning. To make matters worse, I can easily ignore any dirty dish, overflowing trash can, or layer of grime in the bathtub. I'm one of those "bad roommates"; those people who seem sensible when you sign a lease agreement but who slowly allow their space to turn into a Hoarders episode. When I read this to a gentleman friend who has lived with me for several years, he flat-out chortled and said, "It's so true!".

Fortunately, there is one chore that I have been forced to reckon with and take seriously: my laundry. I've had some disasters along the way. Like the ex-boyfriend who put my favorite leopard print cardigan in the dryer and when it came out, it looked like a toddler's sweater. Or this summer, when I thought it'd be totally cool to put my mesh-detail Chantelle C.Chic panties in the industrial strength washing machines at the laundromat. I could go on and on...

Oh, how times have changed! I have discovered a product that was created for lazy chore ladies like myself: a wash bag. It's simple. It's cheap. It completely eases the guilt that comes when you see yourself loading your "hand wash only" items into a washing machine. Before I purchased my wash bag, I would admonish myself while I stuffed my collection into the machines  ("You are a total slob who is in the process of destroying her precious and ridiculously expensive delicates!") and now I'm proud of my resourcefulness ("Wow, what a mature, responsible adult you are!").

There are some basic rules with these meshy wonder-bags. For instance, you can't fill it up 100% to the bursting point with your dirty underthings. Although that seems obvious and is clearly written somewhere on the packaging, I procrastinate extensively before I break down and drive to a laundromat. When I do go, I usually end up bringing every bit of lingerie I own and then trying to jam all those lovelies into a single bag. I've definitely tested the bag's limits. Additionally, I believe it's less effective when thrown into a load with heavier items, like jeans or thick sweatshirts. To protect the items inside, the bag is made of soft material. When the bag is coupled with items that are thicker or heavier and then put on a lengthy/intense cycle, it tends to unzipper itself. I've prevented this issue by adjusting the washing machine onto a delicate cycle. The bag and I have gotten along swimmingly since then.

My wash bag is from Braza. It's white mesh with pink trim (style points!) and the Braza products are made locally, in the wonderful town of Lee, Massachusetts. Braza's Silky Sac Laundry Bags are available at Bra and Girl stores in Western Massachusetts and online at for $7.50.


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