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I'm Obsessed: Claudette Mauve

My mom is an interior designer. Through osmosis, I've become attune to colors and shades. I also possess a SAT-like vocabulary of color descriptors: eggplant, mint, nutmeg, charcoal, azure, pearl, dusty rose, cobalt, stone, goldenrod, honeydew, scarlet, plum, etc. As you might expect, every month my head explodes when the J.Crew catalog arrives.

In my lingerie drawer, it's a different story. I have my share of deep reds, sophisticated blacks, and retro floral prints. Lately though, I've noticed what my collection is missing is a muted tone. Although I own a few nude bras and wear them regularly with my light tops, I wanted something a little more unusual. A color that would be bashful, but not boring. A shade that would be girly, pretty, and miraculously make my skin appear less "jaundice yellow" and more pink (This is an entirely seasonal issue - in the summer, I turn a nice light caramel if I'm left out in the sun). Unfortunately, as a full busted consumer, I've been limited to the patterns and shades that certain brands create each a season. Although those offerings are remarkable, they weren't exactly what I was searching for.

A few months ago, I noticed online that  Claudette, a new American full bust retailer, had debuted mauve bras up to a 38G. I knew instantly that this was exactly the type of color I was imagining.  The mauve color is a gentle lilac shade that's understated, unique, and unapologetically feminine. It's youthful, but sophisticated. I believe that Claudette should get some street cred. They haven't created any basic nudes, but have instead introduced this ballsy hue as a continuity option.

[caption id="attachment_88" align="aligncenter" width="202" caption="Image at Faire Frou Frou"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_89" align="aligncenter" width="236" caption="Image at Jada Michaels"][/caption]

Claudette actually makes two bras in this shade, a sexy sheer cup with black trim (above) and a cotton bra with adorable button details (below). To top all the awesomeness off, they make bands between 30 and 38 and cups between A and G. In an interview with The Full Figured Chest, the company added that they are considering 28 bands, 40 bands, and cups up to a K for the future. I'm officially obsessed.


  1. Love love love this review!!! Thank You so much!!! We can't wait for you to actually try the product and fall in love with it!!

  2. I agree with Cherrie! Have you gotten around to trying them yet? Also, love this blog. Basically, I'm buying all of the bras you've given good reviews. They should pay you.

  3. can't wait for claudette to make 28 bands! they're apparently supposed to be included in their spring/summer 2013 collection. I really look forward to trying a cotton bra, especially in this awesome colour.

  4. Hey Windie, I've been waiting to try Claudette for their 28 bands too! I LOVE their designs -- simple & fun -- and have seen a creamy pink and yellow preview photo floating around that looks right up my alley. Xoxo


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