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Falling Into the Freya Abyss?

Since I was properly measured, I've been a huge fan of the English lingerie brand, Freya. However, I've read several posts lately on full bust blogs about a Freya size abyss: increasingly loose bands coupled with a narrow size range. The fitting issues with Freya  are captured beautifully here and here. My gut reaction when I read the first post on this issue was, "Whoa, finally!". I have had exactly this problem and I felt like I was imagining it.

When I bought my first Freya 30G bra  (the Eleanor) in 2008, it fit like a glove. But damn, that bra was tight in the band! However, Eleanor and I have been through a lot since then and now that same bra fits like a second skin. It's the comfiest thing in the world. And yes, it still fits quite nicely.

Lately, the Freya 30 bands I've purchased are tightish when I first purchase them and then, after a few wears & washes, they are crawling up my back and I can easily attach them to the middle or last hook. I wondered, why does it take a few days for the new Freyas to loosen up when it took my Eleanor a year to get to the same flexibility? I remeasured myself and unlike the other bloggers, I am part of the issue. My under bust measurement has driven me into 28" territory. After this discovery, I freaked out. I would need a 28 band and a GG my options shrunk considerably. More specifically, many of the brand's more popular or exciting styles are unavailable in my new size (I'm looking at you, Deco, Longline, and Padded Half Cups).

Then I had three revelations:

1. Freya's sizing is never 100% consistent. With a little help from human error and size inconsistency, I found that while I need a 30G (for cup space) in the Taylor, I can also wear a 28G in some of their unpadded bras, like the Lyla. If you are near the 28GG/30G abyss, it's something to consider.

[caption id="attachment_52" align="aligncenter" width="214" caption="Lyla Noir - Image via Freya Lingerie"][/caption]

2. I looked through the catalog for the Spring 2012 collection and I found that there was some hope. In the upcoming season, I found 10 styles that offered a 28GG. Some are reliable basics in solid colors, like the Rio, Jolie, and Lauren. But there are some fashion patterns out there for the double Gs too, like the Ellie, Patsy, Elize, and the highly anticipated Beau.

[caption id="attachment_49" align="aligncenter" width="107" caption="Elize - Image via Freya Lingerie"][/caption]

3. Finally, I hate it when any company tries to sell me something that isn't completely reliable. I'm sure everyone has gone through some version of this on their own undergarment hunts: In the last few years, I've bought bras online at low prices and liked them initially, but during the first day of wear (and after removing the tags), found them to be a hideous fit or poorly constructed. I'd rather have Freya strenuously test, research, and study the sizing concerns of a product (like a 28GG Deco) than speedily release a bra onto the market to accommodate a wider size range.

I think Freya deserves a break. Or, I'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt. In the full bust market, Freya seems to be the cool girl on the block. If you've ever attended high school, read a tabloid magazine or watched a John Hughes film, you know that everyone likes to hate on the popular kid. Freya's patterns are spectacular, their designs are hip and forward-thinking, and their sizing sets an industry-wide standard for full bust consumers. It's understandable that their customers would like to see every line available from 28C to 38HH, but I can also imagine why that's infeasible. Would I like to see those styles in my size too? Hell YES.  In the meantime, I'll gladly gobble up their 28GG Balconies. Hello, Elize...


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