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Welcome to Miss Underpinnings!

Hello and welcome to Miss Underpinnings! My name is Cece. I started this blog because I LOVE lingerie -- anything with a ruffle, bow, polka dot, flower, stripe, or bit of lace puts a huge grin on my face. However, that hasn't always been true. There was once a time when I believed that bra shopping was the lowest depth of misery.

I went for my first bra fitting when I was in the fifth grade and I was a C-cup! I remember because I was 1.) the first girl to wear a bra in my grade and 2.) my mother took me and I remember being mortified that I had to show her AND the fitter what the product looked like on me and 3.) it was the last time I ever wore a front-closure bra.

For a little while at least, my "boob garments" and I got along alright. Around a 34D, I remember really, really digging those bra-top camisoles from Vicky's. But then...I got bigger. And bigger. The day I sized out of Victoria's Secret, I cried. One afternoon during my sophomore year of high school, a friend told me that she minimized her, uh, movement (the bouncing/sagging/bulging issue that inevitably comes with wearing an ill-fitting bra) by layering one regular wired bra and two additional non-wire sport bras. I thought she was a genius.

[caption id="attachment_12" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Me and my sister, one of us looking a little bustier than the other."]

And that's how the Bravissimo fitter found me five years later in one of their Edinburgh dressing rooms: three grungy bras, back bands riding up, and breast tissue spilling out of every available crevice. She put me in a Panache Porcelain 30G. In all seriousness, it changed my life. It looked great, it felt loads better, and the correct fit minimized me enough that I was able to wear blouses and dresses I would have never considered.

After graduating from college in the Midwest (go Big 10!), I moved back to my hometown in Massachusetts. I also began working as a bra fitter at Great Barrington Bra and Girl. I love my job; it almost feels like fate. It's incredibly gratifying to help other women with these mysterious and beautiful products.

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